Your Space to Learn

Welcome to a community devoted to helping people with cystic fibrosis (CF) thrive. Here, you’ll find resources for nutrition, exercise, and diet, including a collection of CF-focused recipes.

Tips for healthy routines

From tasty recipes to exercise and diet tips, there are several healthy ways to update your daily routine.

Banoffee Stuffed
French Toast

A perfect recipe for a chilly winter morning, this recipe puts a new spin on an old classic, while giving CF patients a nutritious breakfast to start the day.

Sweet Potato Bites

Sweet potatoes are a great snack or side dish that add a lot of vitamin A to everyone’s diet. Plus, they are a fun finger food for the kids.

Baked Potato Soup

Winner of the 2012 recipe contest, this hearty, delicious soup is perfect after a long day outside in the cold. Make a big pot for the whole family!

AbbVie CF Scholarship

Each year, AbbVie awards 40 students with CF over $160,000 in scholarship funds.

More ways to get involved

The CF community is full of people like you. Join them in fundraising to support research and find other ways you can contribute, wherever you are.