Good Nutrition Starts Here

Developing healthy food habits early on can make a big difference.

Healthy habits in the kitchen

The diet for someone who has CF is usually high in calories, fat, and salt—the opposite of what someone without CF would eat. So it can be challenging to balance the dietary needs of a person with CF and those of your other family members.

Here are a few tips to keep your whole family healthy:

  • Portion control – Adjust the serving size to make sure everyone is getting the amount of food that is right for them. Note, that means more food for family members with CF and less for others.
  • Substitutions – Keep both non-fat and full-fat milk in the refrigerator, as well as cream cheese, yogurt, salad dressings, cheeses, soups and frozen dinners. That way, everyone is getting the right amount of fat in their diets.
  • Safer salting – Add salt to food at the table instead of while cooking or preparing it. Family members with CF can add extra if needed, while others can avoid extra salt intake.
  • Fruits and vegetables – Prepare meals with fresh fruits and vegetables to help meet everyone’s nutritional needs.
  • Healthy snacks – Keep healthy snacks like nuts, trail mix, string cheese, deli meat, and fruit on hand for in-between mealtimes.
  • No junk food – Stay away from “empty” calories found in foods with little nutritional value like chips, cookies, and French fries.

Remember healthy eating habits outside the home

Keep the tips above in mind when dining out and on your weekly grocery store visits.