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Jadyn C.

Undergraduate Recipient

"Write a letter to your younger self during a key moment in your life addressing one or more of the following: words of encouragement, lessons you have learned and/or challenges you have overcome."

Jadyn, Take a second and breathe. I know you’re probably laying in your bed right now and overthinking because you miss everyone since the Covid pandemic started. It is hard to be home 24/7 during this pandemic because of your Cystic Fibrosis while keeping up with your treatments and medications to stay healthy, while also balancing hanging out with friends. Do not give up, your life is worth so much. You have so much coming into your life in the future. Trust me. Wow, we have grown up these past 3 years. Before the pandemic, your close friends went to different schools. You felt lonely because you did not know who to hang out with. You made new friends throughout the year and you were happy. Then the pandemic started and schools shut down, you did virtual school because you were scared of how Covid would affect your lungs and health. Your parents kept you home because of your Cystic Fibrosis (CF) to stay healthy. It was lonely, I know. You felt isolated and left out when your friends got together and you were unable to leave your house. However, you found ways to reconnect with your friends online and continued to do your daily treatments to stay healthy. Eventually, you will go back to school! You will find a great new friend group and join Colorguard at school. You will be the happiest you have ever been. They welcome you with open arms and feel like a family. They will love you and support you in any way and will do anything for you. You will fall in love with the sport and spend the majority of your time with them. You will head to Ocala, FL for your first marching band championship and will perform your heart out and give it your all. You will never forget the state champions announcement. The team members and band director’s reaction when we were announced as the state champions makes it an unforgettable moment. Then, high school will come to an end. Your new journey will start at Auburn University to pursue an animal sciences degree. The dream since we were a little kid will finally come true. Gone are the days when we play with stuffed animals and play “doctor.” Now, we will be able to help real animals and make a difference. Do not let anything stop you, even CF, your life is full of adventures and opportunities. Don’t be afraid and say no, say yes instead. Say yes to following your dreams, say yes to hanging out with your friends, yes to going on dates with who will eventually be your boyfriend (wink wink), and say yes to going on a spontaneous trip to Alaska. Live your life to the best of your abilities, it’s worth it. I promise. Love, Jadyn (your future self)

Jadyn C.'s Artwork

Jadyn C.'s Achievements

  • Jupiter High School Marching Band, Colorguard Section, 2020-2023; Flag Lieutenant, 2022-2023
  • Crumbl Cookies, Employee, 2021-present
  • Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Team Leader, 2019-current; Teen Advocate, 2020-2021
  • Furry Friends Volunteer, 2019-2022
  • Big Dog Ranch Rescue Volunteer, 2019-2022
  • National Honor Society, 2021-2023
  • Science Honor Society, 2021-2023
  • National English Honor Society, 2022-2023