Meet the 2021 Scholars

Get to know the hopes, dreams, and talents of this year's winners.

Valanci V.

Graduate Recipient

"Living through a global pandemic with a chronic illness, what is one piece of inspirational advice that you would give to other students with CF who are in the same or similar position?"

Living through a global pandemic has brought forward several different obstacles for many people, especially those with underlying conditions who are pursuing an education. One of the aspects that has helped me during my studies at this time, is recognizing that I am not alone in my times of worry. The best advice I have to fellow CF warriors is to reach out to your support system at both home and at school. Many educators recognize that this is an especially difficult time for students who are more at risk. By reaching out to your instructors when life and school intertwine and becomes too overwhelming, you're saving yourself a lot of time spent worrying. Keeping up both your physical and mental health is very important during times like this. Relay any worry that you might have to your instructors, giving as much information that you feel comfortable with. A lot of the time instructors will work with you through any obstacle you are facing. If you need an extension on a paper, so that you have time to take care of yourself (like going for a walk outside or preparing a good healthy meal, etc.) then communicate that with them. The most important thing is keeping yourself both physically and mentally healthy; school and other obligations come second. Remember that "this too shall pass" and you will come out of this like the warrior you always have been. Breathe, communicate and thrive.



  • Impact Media Production Intern (2021)
  • Leslie Zemeckis-Stories Matter Writing Program Mentee (2021)
  • The Santa Barbara Independent Arts and Entertainment Fall Intern (2020)
  • Recipient of the UCSB FAN Summer Scholarship (2020)
  • Volunteer Flamenco Instructor (2020)
  • Recipient of the Adler Family Fund Award (2020)
  • Recipient of the Soroptimist Live Your Dream-San Luis Obispo Chapter Award (2019)
  • Recipient of the Lynne Bland Burke Memorial Award (2019)
  • Recipient of the Roy and Carol Lyon Language Arts Award (2019)
  • Recipient of the Delta Kappa Gamma-Eta Lambda Chapter Award (2019)