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Faith H.

Undergraduate Recipient

"Living through a global pandemic with a chronic illness, what is one piece of inspirational advice that you would give to other students with CF who are in the same or similar position?"

In our world today, perfectionism and expedient results determine success. It can seem difficult to feel successful living with Cystic Fibrosis, as CF can limit our physical capabilities. Yet, we have an understanding many do not: being successful is not defined by immediacy nor perfection, instead we can see the value and triumph in each day. The formidable abruptness of the world-wide pandemic should not shake us; we must hold strong to our definition of success during this challenging season. If you are anything like me, you possess an unrelenting passion to achieve your dreams as soon as possible; and it can be difficult to remember there is a time to rest as well as a time to prosper. A piece of advice I would give is the simple, yet powerful statement: “There is a time for everything.” I believe that every person on this earth has a purpose for their life, and this purpose happens in every moment, even when you may not feel successful. This pandemic is only a time in a season, and it will move on. If we can recognize the season we are in, we will soar past our dreams by discovering innovative ways to accomplish our goals. Understanding the significance of the statement that there is a time for everything, allows us to be at peace and prosper no matter which season we are in.

Faith H.'s Artwork

Faith H.'s Achievements

  • National Psi Chi Honors Society Member (2017-Current)
  • Volunteer Event Coordinator for Spokane Parks and Recreational Therapy: Therapeutic Recreation for Adults with Mental and Physical Disabilities (2018-2019)
  • Neuroscience Laboratory and Research Assistant for Dr. Alisha Epps in Study of Behavioral and Mental Effects of Depression, Whitworth University (2017-2019 )
  • Youth Ministry Volunteer Teacher and Leader, Cool Water Kids, Victory Worship Center (2020-Current)
  • Volunteer for Meal Delivery Service and Christmas Gift Donation Drive at The Salvation Army & Victory Worship Center (2020)
  • Research Presentations at Western Psychology Association (WPA): Enhancing Psychological Well-Being: Differences in the Influence of Spiritual vs. Physical Exercise (Martin, F. & King, K., 2018). AND Novel Environment Responses in a Rodent Model of Depression and Epilepsy Co-morbidity (Epps, A., Martin, F.)
  • Volunteer Assistant Group Physical Trainer and Coach, Walden Grove High School Varsity Softball Team (2020)
  • Community Engagement Specialist for Christian Family Care Foster Agency (2020-Current)
  • Organized land coordinated large donation of Easter Baskets for Foster Children (2021)
  • Volunteer for Kids Blitz Event for Foster Children (2021)