Meet the 2019 Scholars

Get to know the hopes, dreams, and talents of this year's winners.

Haley C.

Undergraduate Recipient

"Choose one inspirational quote or motto that has helped you throughout your journey with cystic fibrosis. How do you live by your quote or motto and how has it motivated you to accomplish your goals?"

Every Second Counts. That is the simple version of a quote that has been repeated to me over and over throughout my life by my mom. It now echoes in my mind routinely. The long version goes something like this 'every minute you waste is a minute of your life that you will never get back, so value the time you are in'. These words have been my guide for most of the choices I have made in my life. They have also been words that keep me going during the hard times. I think these words are so special to me because they apply to virtually any situation in life, cystic fibrosis included. They serve as a guide for making good decisions and keeping priorities in a proper order. But, perhaps more importantly, they help me to realize that today is just as important as tomorrow. So, be grateful for it, live it and enjoy it the best you can. Having CF can often make one feel defeated, however, with these words I am reminded that if I let those feelings take over I will forever miss out on the chance to make the best of that time. Therefore, I have to work to ensure that I keep a positive attitude…even in times when things are not as I would like for it to be. Sometimes it is easy, other times it seems impossible, but it is up to me to remember that 'Every Second Counts'.

Haley C.'s Artwork

Haley C.'s Achievements

  • Assistant Coordinator for the Haley's Team Twilight 5K, which raises money for cystic fibrosis research at our local CF Center
  • Team Leader and Volunteer for the St. Charles Vacation Bible School
  • Volunteer for the community tornado relief effort in Jacksonville, AL following the March 19, 2018 tornado
  • Volunteer for the Grand Fondo Cheaha Challenge Bicycle Race and events which brings over 800 cyclists from all over the world into our community
  • Volunteer driver to transport stray animals to rescue groups in neighboring towns and surrounding states
  • Veterinary Assistant - part-time employee at Berry Animal Clinic from 2015-2019
  • Volunteer Veterinary Assistant - Berry Animal Clinic - 2015
  • Guest Speaker at various programs at local schools, Jacksonville State University, churches, and Little River Canyon National Preserve
  • Classroom assistant and volunteer for our local homeschool Little Scientists Club and our Parish School of Religion
  • Active member of our local Catholic Student Organization